Custom Table Covers and Throws

Custom table throws and custom table runners put your company's best image forward at trade shows, expos, fundraisers and other events. Print your logo in full color with high quality dye sublimation for an all over print. These custom tablecloths are perfect for any size of trade show booth because of their affordability and portability.

Our custom table covers are fully printed onto the fabric for unlimited possibilities. Get one today for your trade show, vendor fair, craft show, or exhibitor event!

What is the difference between a custom table throw, a stretch table throw and a table runner?

A custom table throw drapes over the table more loosely than the stretch table cover. The stretch table cover is meant to fit snug on a 6ft or 8ft table for a perfect fit. The table runner and stock cover combo features a dye-sublimation table runner that is fully customizable and a stock table cover available in 6 different colors: black, white, red, blue, green, and yellow. All table cover products are all-over full color dye-sublimation print except for the stock table cover.

How do you take care of the custom table throw?

Each table cover can be hand washed or machine washed with cold water and on a gentle cycle. To dry your table throw, lay it flat or hang it up to dry.

Can I iron my custom tablecloth to get rid of wrinkles?

Do not iron your tablecover. To eliminate wrinkles, use a hand steamer. We do not advise using an iron, using tumble dry, or bleach for your table throw.

Are the edges of the table throw hemmed?

Yes, there is a hem on the outer edge of the table skirt and table runner. The stitching is visible but it is very subtle and does not take away from the visual design of your tablecloth at all.

How are the custom table covers printed?

The process for printing that we use is dye-sublimation which uses heat transfer to dye ink directly onto the fabric. This printing method is perfect for logo table throws because it won't peel like the cheaper vinyl alternative.

Is the finish matte or glossy?

Your table throw or table runner will have a matte finish.

Do I need to add anti-slip material underneath the tablecover?

The custom table throw is designed to stay stationary on top of the table when laid down. Additional anti-slip material is not necessary, however, it may be beneficial if you are planning to use the table throw outdoors

What is an open-back table throw?

An open-back or 3-sided table cover has a gap on the back drape. This can be useful for storing materials that you want hidden at your booth. Because there is less fabric and less ink used to craft an open-back tablecloth, it is also the less expensive option

Can I print my logo on the sides of the table cover?

Yes, all of our custom table covers are all-over prints so you can definitely add as many images or logos you would like on the front, top, and sides of the tablecloth. You will just need to design it on the template to your liking or if you are getting design service, request it from your designer.