Banner Stands

An important element of any trade show or event, banner stands are a cost-effective and quick way to get your company's message out there. Choose from a variety of banner stand hardware options to find the one that fits your needs. Each banner stand comes complete with a custom banner, the stand and a travel case to make your trade show booth stand out.

What is a retractable banner stand?

Retractable banner stands, or roll up banners as they are sometimes called, are some of the most popular and commonly used displays at trade show booths. They get their name because the banner smoothly retracts back into the stand base. They are pulled up from their base to set up and the top clamp rests on the pole.

What is a step and repeat banner stand?

The step and repeat banner stand is similar to that of a photo backdrop and it features an aluminum frame with telescopic poles. Step and repeat banner stands usually feature a repeating pattern of a logo or company graphic.

These are normally seen on red carpet events, premieres, trade show booths, and company events. Our step and repeat banner has pole pockets that slides through the telescoping poles for easy set up.

Do the displays come with a travel bag?

Yes, each frame comes with a nylon carrying case. The elite banner stand offers a more durable travel case with straps for your stand. There are no additional fees for these bags and they come with the banner stands.

What is an x frame banner stand?

X banner stands use fiberglass and aluminum poles that form the shape of an X. The poles have hooks at the end that attach to the banner via grommets. The x banner print is made of vinyl and can be rolled up and tucked away outside of the travel bag using a pair of straps. Our x banner stands are a good choice for any trade show booth because they are affordable, lightweight, and easy to set up.

What is a tension tube fabric banner stand?

Fabric banner stands are a hot trade show display choice and are quickly becoming must haves for many exhibitor booths. You can think of fabric banner stands as smaller versions of our tube pop up displays. Fabric banner stands use interlocking tubes for the frame with a rectangular flat base.

The graphic is made of a high quality polyester that pulls over the frame like a pillow case. One great feature about fabric banner stands is that they include double-sided printing with no extra charge. Your design can be seen from all angles, which is why fabric stands provide a great ROI.

Which banner stand is right for me?

Each banner stand type offers different features that can suit specific needs for your trade show booth. Here are some of our recommendations based off of customer needs:

  • Need fastest setup: x banner stand, retractable banner stands
  • Need outdoor displays: step and repeat banner stand, tension tube fabric banner stand
  • Need tall displays: elite retractable banner stand, tension tube fabric banner stand
  • Need budget-friendly displays: standard retractable banner stand, x banner stand
  • Need double-sided printing: tension tube fabric banner stand