Trade Show Pop up Display

The perfect addition to a 10x10 Trade Show Booth, our custom pop up displays are simple to set up and are always priced competitively. Choose from our easy expand pop up display with end caps included or our tube tension pop up display with a zippered fabric sleeve. Graphic design services are available as well as optional accessories like the pop up podium to help you create the perfect booth.

What is a Pop up Display?

At Top Custom Print, our pop up displays are the main part of your booth. It is the large 8ft or 10ft backdrop that creates the most impact. Our pop up display comes in two types: tube and standard pop up.

What is the difference between the tube and standard pop up?

The standard pop up display has an expanding frame that is one singular piece. It is an easily collapsible backdrop that locks into place using push-in hooks in the center of the frame. The standard popup display uses hook and loop fasteners to attach the graphic onto the frame. A benefit to this display is that the graphics include end caps, which gives you space on the sides of the display to use for graphics.

On the other hand, a tube pop up is a frame of multiple connecting tubes. The tubes are assembled without needing any tools and this display type is more sturdy because it is made of aluminum. While the tube popup frame takes more time to assemble, it tends to last longer than the standard pop up. The popup print is slipped on like a pillow case and zipped at the bottom.

Do the displays come with a carry bag?

Yes, each frame comes with a zippered oxford bag by default. We also offer upgrades for a hard case with wheels. The popup hard case can be converted into a podium and we offer an upgrade to get the podium graphic print as well.

Which pop up display should I choose?

The type of popup backdrop you choose should depend on the following factors: How large your booth staff is and how many events you attend in a year. If your booth staff only has 2-3 people, you may find the standard pop up frame more beneficial as it is easier and faster to set up. This display can easily be set up by one person just by expanding the frame. If you attend many events in the year however, you may find the tube popup frame suits your needs because the aluminum frame is more durable and built to last.

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