8ft Tension Tube Pop up Display

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    Product Information

    Attract more people towards your booth with our 8ft x 8ft Tension Tube Booth Display. Our 8ft Tension Tube Display offers an affordable way to create an immersive booth. Its lightweight and interlocking tubes make setup simple and tool-free.

    The display comes with a pillow-like sleeve print which is dye-sublimated for a reusable and washable print. Carry your display with ease with the default included soft case, or upgrade to a hard case which doubles as a podium for interacting with customers. Our optional fabric podium print upgrade creates the perfect statement.

    An 8ft tube backdrop is more affordable than the 10ft version and offers the same height, which is why it is an economical choice for many booth exhibitors. Opting for an 8ft pop up display will also give your booth more space to add tall signage next to it.


    • High resolution Print
    • Dye Sublimation
    • Scratch resistant
    • Washable
    • Lightweight


    • 8.8 oz. Tension Fabric
    • Aluminum EZ Tube Frame

    Dimensions and Weight:

    • Booth Display Size: 96"w x 89"h
    • Graphic Size: 90"w x 89.5"h
    • Weight (with soft case) 30lbs
    • Weight (with podium) 49.5lbs
    • Podium case size 40"w x 21"h x 17"d
    8ft Tube Trade Show Pop up Display Template

    pdf instructions

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